Monday, February 22, 2010

What's new in our house?

First of all, before I update you on the boys, let me explain the picture. Last night in the bath, Drew discovered that there was another baby in the tub with him. He kept looking into the little metal part and squealing. Then he'd wave at the baby. It was too funny!

Okay, now for the newest news. Drew officially has 4 teeth now. For the longest time, he only had the two bottom ones. On Wednesday of last week, he woke up from his nap and the top right tooth had finally popped through. Then he woke up for church on Sunday morning with the top left one. Maybe now he'll really be able to chow down on some food!

Ryan and Drew both went to see an ENT a few weeks ago. Ryan has had persistent fluid in his right ear (the tube fell out a little over 6 months ago) for the past 4 months. His speech teacher at the elementary school recommended we see Dr. Morgan, the ENT who did Ryan's tubes the first time. She said that speech won't help him if there's fluid in his ear. (She compared it to us being under water and being told to learn Chinese...we'd never "get it right.") And since Drew has had many, many ear infections, we decided to kill two birds with one stone and get them both checked on the same day. The audiologist did some hearing tests on both of the boys. Ryan passed in his left ear (the one that still has a tube), but failed in his right ear. The did another test to test the hearing nerve (this would show any permanent hearing loss)...and he passed with a 100%. This means that if we can get the fluid out with tubes, that he will be hearing perfectly in both ears. This will help his speech tremendously. Thank God! They were unable to do a full hearing test on Drew because he's so young. But from the tests they were able to do, they noticed that he's not hearing at 100% (due to fluid). So they recommended tubes for both boys. Ryan is scheduled for March 12th...and we're still up in the air about Drew. We aren't thrilled about putting our babies to sleep...but hate to see them sick all the time and with speech problems. (And Rob and I don't want Drew to go through the same speech "issues" that Ryan's going through if we can prevent it!)

Both boys are in school...and loving it! They took school pictures last Thursday. Drew was out sick (with ear infections) on Tuesday, so they had theirs made on retake day. They did them first thing in the morning, so I got to be there to make sure they looked at the camera. Why is it that when I'm behind the camera only one will look at a time (if I'm lucky 'cause most of the time they're both goofing off!), but for this lady they were both on their best behavior?! Anyways. The picture that she took of Drew by himself will (I hope) turn out SOOO cute! He was sitting there with his tongue sticking out. She kept trying to wait for him to put it in to take the picture. She waited and waited, until I explained to her that he rarely ever puts his tongue in. I told her that we didn't mind if his tongue was fact, it wouldn't be our Drewski without a tongue in the picture! I can't wait to see how they turn out. Don't know when we'll get proofs and info to order...but I'm looking forward to it!

On Thursday, I got cleared to take care of the boys after my back surgery. Praise God! This is my first week where I'm able to do it all...and boy am I having to do a lot. Rob had to take a business trip to I go from having help 24/7, to little help. (Thank goodness we hired Katy through the end of February, so she's here to help me this week! But we're sad to see her go! Hopefully she'll come by and hang out still....the boys truly love her!)