Friday, April 9, 2010

Conversation about Heaven

We were on our way home from MDO yesterday and we passed a church with a HUGE cross on the building. From the back seat I hear, "Nice cross." And this is the conversation that followed...

Me: Ryan, who went on the cross?
Ryan: Jesus.
Me: Why did Jesus go on the cross?
Ryan: Because they hit him.
M: Well, he went on the cross so we can go to Heaven. Anyone who believes in Jesus will go to Heaven.
R: Mommy, and Daddy, and Drewski and me?
M: Yes, all of us.
R: Mommy, how do I get to Heaven?
M: Well, I guess an angel comes and takes you there.
R: Will I get wings like the angel?
M: (not knowing the answer) Uh, I guess you might get wings.
R: I don't want wings!
(silence for a few seconds)
R: I just want to do one big....giant....boooiiiinnng! (throwing his fist in the air slowly)

So needless to say, Ryan isn't interested in getting wings and flying to Heaven (which I think sounds like a lot of fun)...he just wants to do a big giant jump to get there!