Monday, May 18, 2009

Ryan's New Friend

As of today, Ryan has a new friend...his shadow! (As always, Ryan is able to keep everyone around him laughing.) We were on our way walking home from the neighborhood park when Ryan looked down and noticed "someone" following him. We explained that this is his shadow. We were "jumping" on his shadow's head. He thought it looked like so much fun that he wanted to do it too. He started running towards his shadow's head...and kept on running...not realizing that his shadow kept running, too. He ran quite a ways before he realized his shadow wasn't holding still. So, we diverted his attention and had him jump on other people's shadows. When we started heading home again, he turned to his shadow, waved, and said, "Bye bye shadow!" Then began walking. He turned around and noticed that his shadow was still following him. So again he waved and said, "Bye bye shadow!" and continued walking. He turned for a third time, and his shadow was STILL there! This time (with a little more attitude in his voice) he told his shadow good-bye. His shadow followed him all the way home...despite how many times he told it bye. When we got to the front door, I told him that his shadow would stay outside until next time we go out. So now every time we go out the front door, he looks for his shadow...making sure he's still there!

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