Monday, December 8, 2008

31 week appointment

We went in today for our 31 week appointment. They did an ultrasound to check on Drew's heart. (In the 20 week ultrasound they found a spot on his heart.) The tech looked and looked...and couldn't see the spot anymore. Praise God! She did notice two things though. First, Drew is still bottom-down. She said that she will check my fluid levels at my next appointment. She wants to make sure that there's enough fluid to flip him, if needed. The second thing she noticed is that he is already a big baby...weighing in at 3 pounds 15 ounces so far. (He should only be about 3 pounds as of right now.) Due to this, and my fear of birthing a large baby, she said that she will take him before 38 weeks. That would be sometime before January 26th. So, our timeline for preparing just got cut short two weeks! We've got a lot to do around here to get ready to bring home another baby!

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