Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The scary man in the red suit...

Today my mom and I took Ryan to see Santa at the mall. I have been talking to Ryan for quite some time about what a nice man Santa is. (Last year he was TERRIFIED, so I wanted this year's experience to be a little more pleasant.) I talked to him all day yesterday explaining that we were going to see Santa and that Santa would give him some candy. He was so excited...until we got there! Our pictures this year look a lot like the ones last year. Just a little more hair (on Ryan's head) and a lollipop in his hand! The entire time he was sitting in Santa's lap he was saying, "Mommy, no. Done. Down" over and over! I thought we would get a cute, smiling picture this year. Wrong! Maybe next year...yeah right. Next year we will have Ryan smiling and Drew screaming! Oh well...one day!

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