Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ryan's version of "Whose Line"

Have you ever seen the show "Whose Line is it Anyway?" with Drew Carey. One of my favorite games on that show is the one where they are given random objects and asked to come up with other (not-so-normal) uses for them. Well, Ryan is GREAT at coming up with random uses for everyday things around the house. However, with a new baby there are a lot of "new" items in our house for him to get creative with. Here's one...

Those of you who have had a baby that breast feeds will know what that is a picture of. Ryan is having a great time creating his own game of "Whose Line" and coming up with off-the-wall uses for this! See below....

It can be a microphone. It has been added as one of the new "instruments" in his marching band. Last night he had Rob marching through the house with him. Ryan was singing into the breast pump and Rob was playing the tambourine. It was quite a sight. If I wasn't feeding Drew at the time, I would've grabbed the camera and snapped a shot!

It can also double as a small cereal bowl. Ryan likes to pour his cereal out of his normal bowl and walk around with this full of cereal instead. (It does make more's a LOT easier to hold and not spill!)

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