Monday, February 2, 2009

Stay-at-Home Mommy of 2 Boys

Today was my first day alone with my two boys...and what a day it was! This morning my dad came over to help me take Drew for his 2-week visit to the doctor. He has gained 6 ounces in the last week and now weighs 6 lbs 9 ounces...what a big boy! We also found out that he had to go back to Memorial City Hospital for his second newborn screening (we gave already paid for them to do it there). So, off we were for a day's adventure at the hospital. We parked where we thought we needed to be...which was about 3 miles too far. We only had a stroller for Drew's car sea, so we had to take the 3-mile trek at a two-year-old's pace (stopping to look at everything along the way). I'm used to walking at that rate, but I think Papa Duck was getting a bit frustrated. Anyways, the visit went well. Ryan was a good big brother...and a good sport to be patient through it all!

Then we got home...and that's when the fun began! Ryan had fallen asleep in the car. I am still not supposed to lift anything heavier than the baby and my dad has a hurt back, so we faced a bit of a problem. He brought Drew inside, then left (knowing my mom would, or should, be at my house soon). So I had one kid inside and the other asleep in the car. I sat in the car with Ryan for more than 10 minutes...and no mom! So I had the neighbor bring Ryan in...which woke him up. By this time, Drew was awake and hungry. Drew an I went to lay down with Ryan and try to get him back to sleep (while waiting on my mom to get here). She showed up and relieved me of Ryan's nap duty. Only one small problem...Drew was sleepy and starving by now. So hungry, in fact, that he couldn't calm down enough to eat. He just kept on screaming! Which kept Ryan awake! Finally around 2:00, Drew had cried himself to sleep, but I could still hear Ryan having a conversation with Ghi, my mom. (Just a side note: Ryan is normally asleep by I can't wait to meet the little monster that walks out of his bedroom soon!)

So my question this what it's going to be like every day as a stay-at-home mommy of 2 boys??? Or will their schedules eventually mesh...and give me some sort of break during the day??? Today seemed like a "them versus me" day......let's pray for a better tomorrow!

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