Sunday, January 25, 2009

Headed Home!

Today was Drew's BIG DAY! He got to come home. We were up at the NICU before 8 this morning. I brought along the bottles of milk that I had pumped in the night. (I figured a little "reverse psychology" couldn't hurt...if we brought the milk, we could go home....if we left it at home, he'd have to stay and we'd need to go home and get I was prepared!) He was REALLY ready to eat when we arrived. I quickly fed him (you don't keep a hungry newborn waiting!)...and then the real waiting game began. On Friday, when he was admitted, they took his blood at 9:55 am. They were doing a 48-hour blood culture. To my knowledge, 48 hours after 9:55 am on Friday would be 9:55 am on Sunday....but not in the NICU. Their definition of 48 hours is really 52 hours...speaking from experience. We sat around in the big, comfy green chairs waiting on the test results to come in. At 1:55 pm, the good news was in! The culture had come back negative! So we were headed home...again! By the time we had "signed" for our son, it was almost 4 pm...and Drew was a free man! We are now home...and adjusting. Ryan absolutely LOVES his new baby brother. (Hopefully the excitement lasts!) He has had so much fun holding him, burping him (he gets REALLY excited when Drew actually burps for him!), and he is a super-big help with diaper changes.

A cute story...
Right after we got home, Ryan wanted to show Baby Drew his new bed. He took us into our bedroom and told us to put him in his bed. Then he stood there and rocked his cradle for a while. I told him that Daddy was going to get Baby Drew's monkey blanket out of the car. Ryan ran into Drew's bedroom and got the blanket off of his crib to cover him. Drew was still in the cradle and started crying. Ryan immediately dropped the blanket and sprinted back into our bedroom. When I got in there, Ryan was standing next to the cradle rocking it...and Drew wasn't crying. Ryan is such a great big brother!!!

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Holly said...

SO happy for you! I remember those days with my 2 boys :)