Friday, January 23, 2009

Please Pray!

Well, we were practically on our way out the hospital doors this morning...ready to be home and back to "normal." I had just finished feeding Drew and was wrapping him back up in his blanket, and he started spitting up blood clots. The pediatrician had not yet checked on him this morning, and she walked in shortly after. She checked his mouth to make sure he hadn't cut the inside of his mouth...and didn't see anything. At this moment, they have a neonatologist looking at him. They are going to move him up to the NICU sometime soon. They will be running tests. First to find out if it was my blood or his (since I had just fed him). If it's mine, I guess we will be good to go. If it's his, they will have to figure out where it came from. They are going to be putting him on an IV for fluids...and he will be "NPO" (which means "nothing by mouth"). Please just pray that the doctors would be able to find out what caused this. And that we would still be able to go home today (with our baby). Ryan is really missing us, and we're missing him! But we want Baby Drew to be okay. I will keep you updated as I know more. Thanks for your prayers!!!

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