Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Say "Goodbye" to Nice Things (a quote from Uncle Steve)

This morning, I left Ryan watching Shrek in the living room while I took a quick shower. I was impressed with how quietly he was sitting and watching the movie. I got out of the shower and got dressed. He was going to go play with Ghi and I was going to visit a friend. We rushed out of the house, as I was running late. When we returned home, I went to turn on the tv...and this is what I found. He WASN'T sitting quietly watching the movie...he was drawing (with a permanent marker) all over the tv screen. (Maybe he was trying to trace Shrek....but he kept on moving!) After three phone calls (one to Best Buy, one to Toshiba, and one to a TV specialist), the only advice they could give me was to use a soft, dry cloth. Tell a soft, dry cloth any match for thick, black permanent marker??? I don't think so! Surprisingly enough, Rob was the calm one. (In fact, his exact words were, "Well, it's just a tv. If it's ruined, it's ruined." My response was, "It's not just A tv, it's a tv we just paid off!") Anyways...without going into a long, detailed's the solution: As a teacher, when we would accidentally use permanent marker on the board, we would color over it with a dry erase marker and then erase it. I decided to try it...and it worked! So, for anyone who ends up in a similar situation...there's the solution that no "specialist" will tell you! (I never thought I'd be sitting and coloring on the screen of a $3,000 tv with a marker! I guess kids make you do some CRAZY things!)

**In the photo, I had already started cleaning the bottom right corner...just to make sure it worked. But I wanted his daddy to see his beautiful artwork. Papa now refers to Ryan as "Ryan van Gogh." Hee hee.**

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hollydarrah said...

thanks for sharing that!!! Lorlin did the same thing today! I left her alone in the living room. She got ahold of a pen that I was using and wrote on my mom's brand new leather couch, DON'T TELL!!! I freaked out, and googled "Removal of Ink stain on Leather" It suggested using hairspray on it and then wipe with a damp clothe...IT now my mother will never know and I will never let Lorlin have a pen again!!! Now I know how to get the permanent marker off too!!!