Thursday, January 22, 2009

Introducing the New Little Nordlander

Well, Drew decided to make his appearance a bit sooner than we had expected. On Monday, January 19th, I went in for my normal weekly doctor's visit. She did an ultrasound and saw that he was still in the breech position. She also checked to see if I had progressed any, and found that I was 2.5 centimeters dilated and 50% effaced. Her response to this was, "Looks like you're having a baby today!" I was totally not expecting came as a complete shock! This was about 11 or so that morning. She scheduled me for 12:30...only an hour and a half to process what was going on! (She saud that I had to go straight to the delivery floor. I wasn't allowed to go home and then come back. In her words, "If I let you go, by the time you could get back here, you would have a foot hanging between your legs. You'd be running into the ER like a crazy woman with a leg hanging out!") Rob hadn't come to the appointment because he had some things to take care of at work. I had to call him and let him know those things might have to wait. I had no bags he and my mom shifted into overdrive and threw some things together for me.

Fast forward an hour or so...

I arrive at the delivery floor of Memorial City Hospital. They told me that they had to push my surgery back to 1:30 because I had eaten a Pop Tart earlier that morning. So I went to wait (all by myself) in a room. My family started showing up. My doctor came in to check on me and I asked if I could have some pain meds...because by this time I had started having some pretty serious contractions. She said that there were 3 c-sections ahead of mine (which would push mine back to sometime around 4 or 5 o'clock), but between the first and second ones, she would come back in and give me an epidural for the pain. We waited about an hour for her to come back into the room. She sent everyone out so she could check me before giving me the meds. It was at this time that she realized I was already 4 centimeters (and "will be 6 if she sneezes") and in active labor. She stood me up and said, "We're taking him right now!" With a breech baby, it's obviously not a good thing for you to go into labor. So, my "you-can-wait-awhile" c-section turned into a "you'd-better-get-up-and-go-right-now c-section." She rushed into the hall and got Rob. (He was on the phone cancelling some meetings he had at work.) We walked across the hall...and the rest is history!

Fast forward another hour or so...

At 2:16 pm, Drew Jeffry Nordlander was born! He weighed in at 6 pounds 4 ounces. He was 18 3/4 inches long. From the moment his mouth came out (which was last), he was screaming! It was the most beautiful sound. I hadn't gotten to "know" what was going on throughout the surgery, so to hear him cry let me know that everything was okay! We can't wait to show him off to all of our friends and family. (He's WAY cuter in person! The pictures don't do him justice!)

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